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Happiness is a smile, laughter, a place we love, a kindness, helping others, healthy living close to nature, knowing that we are a very special part of our wonderful world. We can choose happiness!

About Us

Adam’s Garden is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting child health. We promote children’s happiness, well-being and self esteem through our inspirational children’s books, talks and scholarships...

Our inspirational books

Books for you and your child. Literature that uplifts...

We offer high-quality children’s books at no profit, with all after-cost proceeds going to a Child Health Cause of your choosing.

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We are also available to speak at your event. If you would like an inspirational address at a conference or other event, please contact us! We can also arrange for our books to be sold at your venue, and we also offer books on consignment for approved venues.


Adam’s Garden offers a $2,500 scholarship to students undertaking a course that prepares them for a professional life in an area contributing to child health, or dealing with children who are disadvantaged through autism or other such conditions.

The scholarship is offered through Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. For more details, download the Flyer or visit the Charles Sturt Website.

Adam's Garden Books

Cover of Adam's Garden Cover of My Happy Book Cover of Solarium Fairies

Adam’s Garden shows us that no matter what we might lose we still have fun things to explore.

6-12 years.

My Happy Book reminds us to have a happy day and tells us that we are unique in everything we say or do.

4-12 years.

Solarium Fairies encourages us to look more closely at our natural world through the rainbow fairies.

5-12 years.

Prices and Ordering

  • Each of our books costs $10.00 (Australian Dollars). Of this, $5.00 is donated to your nominated Child Health Cause.
  • Also available is a special collector’s edition of Adam’s Garden. $20.00 (hard cover).
  • Packaging and handling on all orders is $5.00.

To order books from Adam’s Garden, please contact us by email or by post.

Book Reviews

Adam's Garden

‘Adam’s Garden won a Gumnut as an outstanding book in its class.’

‘Freedom is a gift to be cherished, whether it be freedom to think, to share or to be where you want to be. If you are in hospital that freedom must come through the imagination, and so it was with Adam. Although he is a small boy confined to a hospital bed, he can escape its confines by his mind taking him into his garden by the river with his animal friends. Isabel Tuck has written a book of great sensitivity and, dare I say it, great beauty. Her writing takes us all out of the mundane and into a world which we all want to be real. The illustrations add to the life of the story and allow the reader to catch a visual glimpse of Adam’s world. The book was written in response to Adam’s terminal illness, and proceeds of the sales go to supporting Child Health. Nevertheless, a book can’t stand on any thought of sentimentality, and this book—with its carefully restrained style—is rich in imagery and full of wonder. A book which will enrich us all and to be shared with the young and reflected upon by adults. Age: 6+.’ —JC

Reading Time, Vol. 45, No 1

Solarium Fairies

‘Written with a major aim of profits going to help Child Health, this charming book tells the story of a young girl who takes her visions of fairies into the world of children’s parties. As with Tuck’s previous publication, Adam’s Garden, this book is meant to stretch the imaginations of young readers. The author does not leave the tale just to the imagination, however, but also adds recipes for preparing fairy cakes and fairy bread, so making the book interactive. Jenny Hull’s coloured pencil illustrations are vibrant and delicate, while at the same time they help to extend the story. Here is a small book to hold and enjoy, but best of all to share through reading to a young audience who can then go and try out the recipes. An ideal gift for birthdays, but also it should find its way into libraries. Sponsored by Kooringal Rotary.’—JC

Reading Time, Vol. 47, No 2

‘Solarium Fairies tells the story of Merry Anne and her encounter with an engaging group of fairies... recounted with all the charm of the oldest and best loved bedtime stories and nursery rhymes; and the superb illustrations perfectly complement the text.’—PH


My Happy Book

‘This uplifting book reinforces Isabel’s message of happiness and health. With themes like the importance of self-esteem, self-worth and individuality, as well as making the most of what you have been given in life, My Happy Book is designed for all young readers.’

Jane Gerhardy, ‘Good Health’, Daily Advertiser

Adam at play